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     My Mayuram          Welcome to mayiladuthurai megacity website         Please send your comments to :


  In this page, we are going to provide our viewers comments  about Mayiladuthurai and website ..If you want to add your comments about our home town,  please send them to :

 * Waugh...itz very nice to see a website for our home town... the website is nice, simple and contains numerous info. about our mayuram...                                                                                                              - Santhosh. R, Chennai

* Hi All, First my wishes to the team which launch this portal !!I went through the site and it looks pretty good ..!!
 I am an ex-student of AVCC, was there in Mayuram for about 2 yrs  and basically I am from North part of Tamilnadu !! Nice to hear that Mayuram has its own website !! is plesent &  greenish. Good and easy going people .. I liked its simpleness .. noiseless .. Kaliyakudi Coffee and Mayura lodge hotel Halwa.. Sundaram theatre movie .. Road side idlies even at 11:00 PM !! Wow  .. such a great town ..!!
                                                  -   Anand.B.K

* This is simple, good & great                                                    -  M.P. Raman, Thirupathi

* It is really nice site. I had visited this site long time back. There are lots of changes, many new ideas, info added. Good to have such sites.  Congrats to the team.                                                                      - Navu Kabirdoss

* Hi.. Nice 2 see this website.  I am really exited when I reached this site.  I wish the site to be updated more and other city people  should also visit this  site.  My thanks to all whoever involved in this Project.
                                                                                                                        -  Pandian, Muscat

* Hi , Its nice to see the website about Mayiladuthurai. Its a very good initiative. I would like you to visit AVC College of Engineering Alumni website  If possible please give a link to this site in                                                                      - Muruganandam

* Dear Sir,  I am a Native of Myladuthurai and living here in the Seychelles Islands since 1991. I am actually from the Koranad.I am working with the Seychelles Government, Ministry of Environment. I am graduated from AVC College, and Post graduation and my Ph.D from the Annamalai University.  I have my family with me here, my mother, brothers and sisters live there. If you need any information on the Seychelles or looking for any technical, academic, or accountancy oriented jobs I am ready to help you to contact the proper source.  thank you and best of luck  -                       Pugazhendhi MURUGAIYAN

* Please provide Mayiladuthurai (NRI) database also in your website.            -  Gani, Bangkok, Thailand

* Hello Brothers,  I am proud to say that I am from Mayiladuthurai. I am from Arangakudy, a nearby village, which is just 7 Kms east of Mayavaram. I am presently working as Computer Operator in a company here in Kuwait.  I would like to make friends from Mayiladuthurai. I completed my post-graduation there in A.V.C. College, Mannampandal.                                                                                           -  Noorullah, Kuwait

* Hello, Congratulations on a really wonderful website. I am writing from Chennai. I am thinking of settling down in Mayiladuthurai. -                                                                                                          -  Balaji Sankar,

* I had stumpted on this site long back and I'm seeing lot of additions to the website from then on. Anyhow, it still looks like a personal webpage with a collection of links and information. All the information should be more structured, displayed in a standardized format.                                               V.Sridharan, Microsoft, USA